Today's Real Estate Market: The Best Time to Buy is Now

The Latest economic forecasts suggest that the real estate market correction is coming to an end, offering consumers a one-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity.

The time for prospective buyers to enter the market is right now; and here's why:

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It's a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home

Homeownership is a safe, secure way to build long-term wealth. The national median price of home bought ten years ago has increased 88 percent. The number of US households is expected to increase 15 percent during the next decade, creating a continued high demand for housing.

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Great Events, Great Snow

"White Pine Ski Touring has their earliest opening in years... November 7th!"

The early opening made them the 1st Ski Area to open in Utah in 2003, kicking off one of the greatest snowfall years ever! Records were broken in the amount of snow that fell twice this winter in the park city area.

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