Benjamin Franklin once stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.  Based on that definition, there may be many insane agents out there.  The Barbosa & Company Real Estate’s success comes from working in a different way.  We don’t put up a sign, then sit back and pray, we aggressively pursue both buyers and agents.

Year after year our market share & sales volume provide’s our clients with peace of mind that they are in good hands. This comes from Barbosa & Company’s proven track record and highly aggressive marketing strategies & systems that get the job done regardless of market down turns. That’s why today more than ever, if you need to get your property SOLD, don’t take any chances, list with the BEST!


We’ve worked hard to create a marketing system that achieves the results you deserve.  One of the cornerstones of this approach will be the full-color, high quality brochures in the sign box. 

Professional property brochures. We combine an eye-catching design with professionally taken photos, to provide a property flyer that buyers hold onto. 

Our advertisements in the news press.  We regularly advertise in all local publications including The Park Record, Real Estate Weekly, Homes and Land, Park City Magazine and Mountain Express.

E Brochures and E Newsletters

When we first list your property we will send your property information to all the Realtors in Park City, Summit and Wasatch Counties, along with the entire Salt Lake Valley.  We’ll also include your property as a featured listing in our monthly newsletter.


We have invested heavily in technology to ensure that buyer’s are able to find you home easily any time of day or night.

We’ve designed our site from the ground up to draw customers toward your property’s information.  We load our premier luxury website with photos and virtual tours that will help buyers get a feel for you home before they ever even step inside.  In addition to property information, we provide buyers with access to all the local community and real estate information they need to turn from a shopper into a buyer.

Other Website Partners

Your home will be easily view on any number of websites across the globe, including some of the world’s most popular real estate portals such as:,,, and many, many others.

We actively seek buyers searching for properties. 

Even with all the marketing we will do for you, it’s still not enough for us.  We actively pursue buyers, qualify them, and help them progress toward making a purchase…maybe even on your property.


Other Agents are our Asset.

We submit your property to 2 Multiple Listing Services, and follow up with many of the individual agents.  We make sure all 800+ agents in Park City and the surrounding areas are familiar with your property and approximately 2500 agents in the Salt Lake Valley.

Networking with fellow agents.  We not only “talk your property up” to other agents, but we host open house events with lunch and door prizes to encourage attendance.  This provides an easy opportunity for all agents to preview your property, which increases the likelihood that it will be shown and sold.

Staging Showings.  Whenever possible we will open up your property, turn on the lights, music, fireplace, etc, to create a showing atmosphere that sells.

Highlighting special features of your home with framed comments in strategic locations around the property.  These ensure that buyers notice the finer details.


We believe “word of mouth is the best source of advertising”

Here’s just a couple of way on how we get the word out:

We hold public open houses.   On occasion we will host open houses around special events in peak season.

We talk to the neighbors.  We send out postcards notifying your neighbors about your listing.  They are encouraged to spread the word, which is often our best source of referrals.

We talk to buyers.  We have a significant database of buyers interested in properties in the area.  We’ll send out notices to our clients providing them all the pertinent information about your property.


We doubt we’re the first realtors you’ve met, but we’d like to be the ones you remember.  As we market your home you’ll hear from us often.  We will manage all showings, and arrange them for your convenience.  We will provide feedback from buyers and agents, and we’ll keep track of each time your property appears in publications.

Here are the ways we communicate with you:

We utilize keep records of all agents who show your property, and we follow up with them and gather any feedback.  This provides opinions and suggestions from other realtors and include comments from potential buyers who are viewing the property.

We compile samples of how we’ve marketed your property. We’ll share feedback, changes to any of the properties in the neighborhood, and if necessary, make suggestions of how we can further leverage your property.

Join our long list of satisfied clients. Contact us anytime for a NO PRESSURE consultation on our Professional Real Estate Marketing and Listing Services.

We look forward to serving you!

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