With the current economic events, it has changed our roles as agents in the real estate market. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to assist your client with their long term rental needs as they are in different stages of their Real Estate Buying or Selling decisions.

If you are a Realtor assisting a client with a rental situation, we would like to help you take care of your client's immediate needs while keeping you in the loop and apprised of their on-going situation. We offer a service to you and your clients that will allow them to advertise their property to those seeking long term rentals in the Park City area. There is no initial commitment required, just a simple agreement that allows us to post the photos of their home with a rental price on BarbosaRentals.com. We appreciate that you would be retained as your client's Realtor should they once again be in a position to purchase or sell a home.

This service is limited to the business of long term rentals and residential leasing.